Are Uniforms a Good or Bad Idea for School Children?

Lately, there have been a lot of stories about school dress codes and how some kids and teens feel about them, including some cases where kids have been punished for violating them by, for instance, wearing shorts or short skirts.

Uniforms are, of course, a more extreme form of a dress code and not the norm in the USA except at some private or church-run schools. In other countries, for example, the UK and Japan, uniforms are something that almost all schools have, whether they are incredibly formal and resemble business attire, or they are simpler and just comprise embroidered apparel such as polo shirts with the school’s branding.

But, school uniforms are a topic people tend to be quite divided on. Here are some of the pros and cons of a very strict school dress code.

Less Division

One of the main reasons why school uniforms are chosen by most schools in other countries is that they can allow kids to all wear the same or similar garments, so there is no real way of telling which children can afford the best brands or are more fashionable in their tastes. This can mean less bullying, as kids at a school without a dress code may be more obviously less wealthy since nobody gets to wear their hip designer clothes and there’s no judgment on those who can’t afford them.

Easier Choices

For parents, as well as kids, deciding what to buy for school and what to wear each day is much easier when a uniform is enforced. There is no need for teen girls to agonize over what the perfect outfit will be every morning when they already know what they’re going to wear – and what all their friends will be wearing too.

Cheaper for Parents

Another benefit to uniforms is that while they may seem expensive to replace each year as a child grows, in fact, buying just a couple of sets of clothing they’ll wear every day for the school year is much cheaper than buying a full wardrobe of different outfits!

Less Individuality

Of course, as well as upsides, uniforms have downsides too. One of these is that kids can feel less free to experiment with fashion or to carve out a unique visual identity. While they may still try and do this with hairstyles, makeup, and accessories, they can feel like they don’t get to really be themselves at school due to the uniform way of dressing. For most kids, school is where they see most of the people they know and spend most of their day, and so they can feel like they want to be able to show off their burgeoning sense of style or look attractive to their crushes!

All in all, there are some pros and cons to uniforms, and while most kids do complain about having to wear them in countries where they are standard, they do avoid a lot of the issues associated with dress code adherence.

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