Famous People with a Degree in Communication

There is no doubt about it; we spend a ton of time communicating with others. Communicating in general is important, but in a career where one needs to impart crucial information, it is critical. However, it isn’t always practical to go back to school with work and other life obligations. Thankfully there are schools where students can earn a master in communication online from the comfort of their own homes.

Some have the misguided idea that a master in communication is only for those seeking a career in journalism or something similar. Not true! There are several career choices for a graduate with a master in communication, a degree that can benefit any career. There are even several famous people who hold communication degrees.  Here are a few names that you might recognize.

Acting and Communication

David Boreanaz of “Bones,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and “Angel” is a household name in many homes. Surely he can attribute some of his success to a degree in mass communication.

Regina Hall, best known for her roles in the Scary Movie films, earned a master’s degree in journalism. Hall certainly made an impact with her roles in the Scary Movies films, the Think Like A Man movies, and others.

News Commentators

Ted Koppel, English-American broadcast journalist best known as anchor of ABC’s Nightline from 1980 to 2010, holds an MA in mass communication and political science. Over the years Koppel earned many awards including 37 Emmy Awards, 10 DuPont-Columbia Awards, and several others. This impressive list certainly proves Koppel’s communication prowess.

David Horowitz earned a master in journalism, which readied him for a role in consumer advocacy. As host of the Emmy-Award-winning program “Fight Back!,” Horowitz warned consumers of defective products. A well-spoken man with the ability to articulate his thoughts, Horowitz has been on the advisory boards for the Los Angeles District Attorney and the FCC.

Politics and Communication


Image via Flickr by amslerPIX

In 1985, Rahm Emanuel earned a master’s degree in speech and communication. His communication degree was just the thing to get Emanuel started in the political arena. Rahm held many esteemed political positions but is best known as the first White House chief of staff under Barack Obama from 2009 to 2010.

Sarah Palin, the controversial former governor of Alaska, is well-known for her stint as 2008 running mate to John McCain in the presidential election. Palin, the first female governor of Alaska, holds a degree in journalism. This likely helped her communicate ideas in the political arena and later write her autobiography and other books.

As you can see, a master in communication is one of the most helpful degrees available, no matter what field one uses it in. A communications degree will pay off right away by helping the recipient put together a stellar resume and gain valuable knowledge to help land a coveted job. If you’re thinking of a degree that will be helpful in any arena, think communications.