Fashion and fitness go hand in hand

Nowadays you don’t have to don badly fitting T-shirts and droopy pants when you’re in the gym, out jogging or keeping fit in some other way. You also don’t need to splash out on exclusive designer wear because there’s a great range of practical yet stylish stuff on the market now, and you can also adapt existing outfits.

Get the fit right

If exercise outfits are too tight they’ll be abrasive and uncomfortable and if too loose they’ll hinder your body movements and look sloppy. The balance is to achieve a look that allows you to move comfortably and at the same time allows for some outline of your figure to be seen. Copper wear such as a camisole tank, for instance, has a special type of texture that is unusually soft to the touch, looks great and has compression properties that help soothe muscles after a fall or other injury.


With styling, balance is the key. Bottoms and tops need to balance each other; for instance, if sleek leggings are being worn then the top should be off-shoulder and loose, and equally sweat pants will balance a fitted tank top. Zip-up hoodies that can be quickly taken off are good as they not only look stylish but also are very comfortable. If you wear shorts under your sweatpants or a pair of thin tank tops you can combine different colors that will still look stylish as you layer down during exercise.


Monochromatic colors work best for a great chic look. The general rule is to opt for a particular color and then to pick different shades of it for various parts of your outfit. Dark burgundy pants will, for example, go well with red as the ground color, along with light red shoes and a red shirt. Black is especially good as the main color because you simply cannot go wrong with it. Black goes with practically anything and it makes you look slimmer.


You can wear various pieces of jewelry to add a bit of glamour to your outfit, as long as you aim for the right balance. It’s easy to look gaudy rather than chic by wearing just too much of it. Less is more with sports jewelry, so think in terms of a statement piece such as small vintage earrings or a single studded bracelet. You can also match accessories such as silver and blue sneakers with a silver and blue duffel bag. Add a really cool element to any sports outfit by wearing sleek sunglasses.

Good hair day

Long hair can be slicked into an efficient top knot, or cornrow it into a bun for added interest. Consider a fishtail braid or a plain twist around the crown to keep bangs out of the way while you’re active.

Looking chic while exercising involves adopting the right colors, wearing balanced and well-fitting clothing and mixing in your personal style. Attitude is also a major factor because if you’re comfortable with your look and feel, you’ll also carry yourself much more confidently.