Keep up with fashion: try these tips

Have you ever tried to keep up with fashion trends? It’s like trying to outrun a cheetah, or figure out why Paris Hilton exists. An impossibility – almost.

The only people who don’t need to be told what’s in fashion are treated as the prodigal sons of Yves Saint Laurent, the second coming of style.

But how do they manage it? Well, largely by looking at what’s around them and how it’ll incorporate into their look. It’s not about reinventing yourself every six months. It’s about finding a style that’ll never go out of date.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few fashion tips to help you on your way to timeless glamour.

Let’s get mineral

You’ve probably seen them on the street – those people with more makeup than a branch of Boots and eyelashes so long that they prod passers-by. One of the more depressing sights on the street, you just want to grab these cosmetic abusers and shout, “PLEASE! PUT DOWN YOUR MAKEUP BRUSH!”

Not only are they fashion disasters, they’re also creating massively unhealthy skin. Heavy application of makeup inevitably leads to dry and spotty skin, having been “suffocated” from lack of air.

Instead, try a mineral makeup to give your skin a lighter load. The subtle skin tone it creates will help you avoid the TOWIE look and give you healthier pores.

Overcooked and over-styled

The world of catwalks, as ingenious as it can be sometimes, is utterly bonkers, isn’t it? Models wearing traffic cones on their abdomen, medical stitching on their ankles and a coat hanger across their face – all part of Karl Lagerfeld’s Off His Head collection.

But if you’re heading to a party or hitting the high street, wearing a coat hanger across your face isn’t likely to go down well. What’s called for is a wardrobe diverse enough to match any look, whether it’s a night on the tiles or a day of sports.

Tailor your style to fit the setting you’re in – not everywhere calls for high fashion.

Look to the past

Just think of the glamour that emanates from the past, filtering through black and white photographs and into our modern lives. Such style, poise and glamour that, despite grainy film, is still relevant today.

What did these icons – your Marilyn Monroes and Liz Taylors – have in common? For a start, they managed to make their style look completely effortless and understated.

Sleek blacks, stark whites, supple hourglass dresses. It’s a touch of class that’s never quite gone out of fashion. Fill that subtlety with splashes of colour, make it personal and you’ll have the best of both worlds – a classic look that’s all your own.