The Perfect Car for A Weekend Getaway

After a long work week, sometimes all you want to do is break free, hit the open road and forget about everything for a while. That doesn’t work so well though if you are charging up the Pacific Coast Highway in your minivan. No, what you need is a mean, make your guts twist up in a knot kind of a car. The kind of car that leaves you breathless. Let’s take a look at some of your options for your next weekend escape.

2017 Mazda Miata

A classic. The Miata might not be the fastest, handle the best, or be the most stylish, but when you consider the sum total of its parts, at the price it sits at, you won’t find a better car. The Miata is consistently rated as one of the top sports cars on the market, despite running against typically more expensive competition. Sitting under thirty grand, the Miata is light, quick and responsive, with fuel economy to match. It will have you pulling hair pin turns in no time and wondering why anyone would drop 50k on a car that can match the Miata.

Mercedes-Benz SL

Then again, some cars do end up being worth every last penny. Case and point, the Mercedes-Benz SL. You want experience luxury and go really really fast? This is the car for you. While it might give up a bit on the handling, most of us aren’t really worried about the high spee turning radius and tire grip of our cars when we are driving. The SL provides a world class ride that gets you where you need to go in style. The perfect car for a long distance trip, the SL absolutely eats up miles. You’ll have to pay though, with a price tag just below 90k.

MINI Convertible

Ok so maybe you can’t just up and leave the family behind for a weekend (as much as you may want to). Is there anything out there for you? Something that you can still pull the top down on and has a reasonably sporty drive? Look no further than the Mini Convertible. 4 seats in total with enough space to leave a child seat in the back, the Mini Convertible can a small sized family easily. Get the turbocharged version so you can be sure that no power is lost too. You can even fold the seats down when the back seats are not in use, creating extra cargo space as needed. Mini drivers swear by the cars classic design and great looks, and the car’s longevity has only proven those claims. The MINI Convertible is perfect for the weekend getaway for the whole family.

Wrap Up

Sometimes we all need a break. Taking the time to explore the world around you can pay off in unexpected and exciting ways. Just as important is how you get around that world, which is why roadsters and convertibles have such an appeal. They embody the freedom of spirit that we all strive for at times. Next time you head out for the weekend consider buying or renting one of the cars above for an exceptional experience.

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